Extra Footfall

New footfall generation from underutilized space during daytime

New revenue opportunities

Integrated opportunities to up-sell (food, drinks, meeting rooms, rooms)

Free Additional Marketing

Zero cost marketing to our community of attractive life-style, business-oriented customers and a general greater market exposure locally and globally. 

Easy onboarding, no listing fees

Easy no cost registration, full on-boarding support provided

“A no-brainer for any hotel looking to increase traffic and enhance atmosphere”

Copenhagen Hotel Partner

Join the world’s most innovative hotels and restaurants

At Sp8ces we focus on creating a global network of inspiring spaces for the modern workforce to meet, work and engage. To inspire creativity and provide unique experiences for our members we partner with locations that are forward-thinking, extraordinary and that create the spirit which shapes our brand.

Our partners engage in new and exciting hospitality trends and ways of doing business. The locations are profoundly different, but they all share a few common denominators. They have a strong sense of design. They are original. They excel in both service and quality. They have some vacant capacity during daytime whether that being a lobby, a first floor, a separated room or a part of a larger space. They see the benefits of engaging with the local people in their area as well as connecting with a future market of 1 billion digital nomads. They are able to offer preferential rates for our members.  For Sp8ces members, this means that all Sp8ces locations are pre-curated. 

Partners at Sp8ces benefit from:

  • Using under-utilized space to attract new footfall to locations
  • Free marketing and greater market exposure
  • Revenue generating opportunities in the form of food and drinks
  • Opportunity to up-sell and post-sell additional services and products
  • Flexible contract, easy on-boarding, zero-cost sign-up
  • Connecting with our community of creative, business and life-style focused city nomads

If you are interested in becoming a Sp8ces location (spoiler alert: you do) and have an attractive area of space, we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email with your contact details and location information and we will be in touch shortly.

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